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The 24 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Lesbian

"Have you seen a girl lately? Why WOULDN'T I date them?"

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1. This admission:

2. This ironic twist:

3. This honest set of standards:

4. This perfect response to: "You date girls?"

5. This cheeky gameboard:

6. On making sacrifices:

7. On the tight-knit community:

8. Just... this:

9. On the ups-and-downs of finding love:

10. This minor copy edit:

11. This very real hardship:

12. Those magic words:

13. This existential crisis:

14. This work of art:

15. This moment of pun genius:

16. This moment of office fashion envy:

17. This workout regimen:

18. This inertia-related query:

19. This peek into the real gay agenda:

20. This exchange:

21. On what really goes down in the ladies locker room:

22. *Raises hand*

23. This take down:

24. And, this cold hard truth:

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