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The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts On Bisexuality

Tumblr doesn't have time for the foolishness.

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1. This "straight" realness:

2. This existential crisis:

3. This charming bicycle:

4. This delicious metaphor:

5. This plot twist:

6. This unbelievable hardship:

7. This proof of proper licensing:

8. THIS moment:

9. This quick physics lesson:

10. This search-engine fail:

11. Oh, and this one:

12. This clever paragraph showing the power of _____:

13. This quick comeback:

14. This experimental tale:

15. These things that nobody ever says:

16. This harrowing scenario:

17. This light switch of truth:

18. This very emotional musical composition:

19. This coming out moment of genius:

20. This brutally honest confession:

21. And of course, this ultimate truth:

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