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The 18 Realest Lesbian Sex Struggles

Mostly that ~nobody~ knows how it works!

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5. A cosmic rule surely exists that if you and your partner both have long hair, even if you pull it back, it's always going to be in the way.

#longhairproblems I think it's time to cut it soon...

"You're on my hair. Babe. My hair. Hair!" – Broken record of the bedroom.


9. That moment when you agree to experiment with a strap-on, but you and your partner are both a little freaked out by how realistic it looks.


12. Your parents never gave you the old "birds and the bees" speech; in fact, they had questions for you:

13. When you have actual health concerns or want some sex tips, the internet is just the worst:


14. It's not like sex ed class was any better?

16. And you'll forever regret trying an image search at the public library.

Universal Pictures

So much porn burned directly into your retinas forever and ever. So many things you can never unsee.


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