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    Sherri Saum And Terri Polo Are Even More Adorable Off Set Of "The Fosters"

    All hail Mrs. and Mrs. Adams Foster.

    Teri Polo and Sherri Suam have already won our hearts playing the perfect couple on The Fosters.

    Really perfect.

    But, the world must know that when the camera stops rolling these two are possibly even more perfect together.

    When they hit the red carpet, for a moment we all must remind ourselves they aren't actually married in real life.

    During interviews Saum will fawn all over Polo...

    ... and Polo over Saum.

    * Five hours later *

    These two simply can't keep their paws off each other.

    Not that anyone is complaining.

    Even when they are far away from each other...

    @SherriSaum1 Where's the other half of The Fosters heart?! xoxo #TheFostersChat #thefostersfansselfies

    ... the love stays strong.

    Saum was the one to actually convince (lovingly force) Polo to get her own Twitter account.


    I'm glad she picked me #myteripolo

    They bring the term "snuggling" into brand new territory.

    Uncharted snuggling territory.

    This isn't just "friendship" — NO, I say!

    THIS is love in its purest form.

    A love to tell your children about.

    A love to last the ages.

    ALL HAIL, Sherri Saum and Teri Polo! Better together, wherever they are.