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    Same-Sex Couples In Rhode Island Can Get Married Today

    This morning local officials began to issue the first marriage licenses to same-sex couples. ‘‘A day of smooching’’ for Rhode Island.

    At the stroke of midnight on Thursday, Rhode Island and Minnesota became the 12th and 13th U.S. states to allow same-sex marriage.

    Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

    Rhode Island is the last New England state to allow same-sex marriage.

    Charles Krupa / AP

    Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed the marriage equality bill into law on May 2, 2013.

    Charles Krupa / AP

    Officials in Rhode Island began issuing licenses when offices opened at 8:30 a.m. this morning.


    Among the first to arrive for licenses were John Gacher and Federico Santi of Newport , R.I.. They have been together for over 41 years.

    Steven Senne / AP

    The couple had a simple ceremony, as they told the AP, "After living together for 41 years, we don't have anything to prove . It's like going down and getting a driver's license."