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    Rapper Angel Haze Explains Pansexuality In Her Own Words

    "Pansexual, to me, means to just want love."

    22-year-old Angel Haze has always been candid about her sexual identity, recently speaking out on her own version of Macklemore's "Same Love."

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    The song's lyrics include:

    "At age 13 my mother knew I wasn’t straight

    she didn’t understand but she had so much to say

    she sat me on the couch looked me straight in my face

    and said you’ll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS"

    During an intervew with Fusion TV, she was asked directly about her pansexuality.

    Fusion TV
    Fusion TV

    First, she swiftly shut down the need for labels.

    Fusion TV

    Then, she was actually asked to define the term "pansexuality."

    Fusion TV

    And just like that, class was in session.

    Angel Haze: I define it as someone who sees people for who they are and not gender. I don't base all of my relationships off of sex.

    I'm still a virgin, I don't really care about that. I care about connecting with people on a deeper level and actually having something to talk about and something to work for— something we're both interested in. It's viable, you know? I want something deep-rooted...

    ...versus having something that's just rooted in literal sexual tension. It doesn't really mean anything to me.

    To kind of identify as pansexual, to me, means to just want love. To have a connection with anyone you can find it with.

    Did you catch all that?

    Watch the full interview here.