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    Photographic Evidence That Proves Bow Ties Belong To The Ladies

    Step aside gents, these dapper ladies are putting you to shame.

    It's time to settle the age old battle of "boys vs. girls" over an extremely important matter.

    The classiest and most versatile of fashion accessories: the bow tie.

    It's time for the world to realize the obvious truth.

    The bow tie, without a doubt, goes to the ladies.

    We can pretty much rock a bow tie any day of the week.

    We've been turning them out since the 1800s and simply refuse to quit.

    Whether dressed up to the nines...

    ...or dressed down with denim.

    Ladies simply do it better.

    No matter the print we choose...

    ...or the style we wear.

    We know we look good.

    Janelle Monae is surprised we are even having this discussion.

    And Ellen has known for years that having one undone is better than none.

    Audrey Hepburn laughs at anyone who doubts the obvious truth.

    Gurl, please.

    Bow ties belong to the ladies.

    Even when the gents are competing right alongside.

    Why are we even debating this!?

    If you don't wear a bow tie, you might as well be wearing your mom's chest hair, right Janice?

    Give it up, boys; you might as well stop trying.

    The bow tie always has, and always will, belong to the ladies.

    Until anyone proves otherwise, class dismissed.