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Photo Series Asks: What Souvenir Did You Keep From Your Ex After The Breakup?

Photographer Sam Evans-Butler and Hello Mr. magazine wants you to share the t-shirts, lighters, and other mementos that you hold onto – even after you let that special someone go.

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This project, archiving the stories of objects men still have from their ex-boyfriends, originally appeared in an issue of Hello Mr. magazine and is now being relaunched as a larger project for Valentine's Day. "When Sam pitched the idea to editor Ryan Fitzgibbon, the story really spoke to him because he himself had a 'souvenir' from his ex and felt that this was a story that would speak to a lot of people," Assistant Editor Francisco Tirado explained to BuzzFeed News. "In these simple stories, the series explores that peculiar fondness we feel for an object, despite the not-so-fond feelings we might not have for the person associated with it."


Here are a few of the souvenir stories they have collected:

"Sam, snuck into his ex's apartment after the break up to drop off a box of stuff left behind, and left with his ex's favorite lighter. 'I don't know why, but I felt like I deserved it.'”


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