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Phone App Brings Global LGBT History To Your Fingertips

Haven't you always wanted a portable history of all things queer?

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A new mobile phone app, Quist, is determined to keep users up to date on happenings, all over the world, from past to present.

The app, which launched this July, attempts to paint a picture of how far the LGBT community has come as well as where it's headed.


Once you choose an area, you can scroll through major events in the LGBT community of that region.

The app's founder, Sarah Prager, is a social media consultant living and working with non-profits.

I feel that it is important not only to post information to a website, but to get it out there and meet people where they are. Mobile is growing exponentially as a medium to get information out there, so I wanted to create an interactive, engaging way to bring queer history to the next generation. The idea was in the back of my head for a year before I met an app developer at a marriage equality in Baltimore last year leading up to the ballot referendum we had here in Maryland. I took it as a sign that I had run into a gay app developer that it was time to take this project on.

The app's says they will continue to update the app with thousands of stories over the next few months.