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    Nonprofits Team Up To Get Computers To Underprivileged LGBT Teens

    "Without the internet, I have no idea where I would be." BuzzFeed News has an exclusive look the Power On campaign, aiming to provide technology to at-risk LGBTQ youth.

    A series of video testimonials for the Power On campaign has LGBT teenagers explaining how the internet has helped them personally.

    Because for many teens living in small towns or isolated areas...

    ... access to the internet can make all the difference.

    Power On, the new campaign from Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN), The Trevor Project, and human I-T, aims to provide LGBT youth with access to computers and internet resources.

    "Through the internet we access life-affirming resources, find role models, and meet friends who share our experiences," said Thomas Woermer, a student athlete helping to organize Power On.

    "I worked with other members of the Trevor Youth Advisory Council to create these testimonial videos because online resources and online communities like and other social media were, and continue to be, indispensable sources of support for us as LGBTQ youth."

    The campaign will refurbish donated hardware and load the technology with software such as The Trevor Project's instant messaging service (TrevorChat).

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    The donated laptops and smartphones will then be distributed to LGBT centers and shelters all over the country.

    The campaign will be collecting donations through "LGBT Spirit Day" on October 16, 2014.

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