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    Nike Snags WNBA Out Star Brittney Griner

    While speculation over the possibility of an out NFL player continues, basketball player Brittney Griner is reaping the benefit of coming out on her own terms. In other news, she continues to be awesome.

    Griner came out publically last week to very little fanfare, but it's her talent that is creating buzz around the sports world.

    Barry Gossage / Getty Images

    She is now now headed to play for the Phoenix Mercury.

    WNBA #1 draft pick and all-around amazing lady Brittney Griner has signed an endorsement deal with Nike.

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    Former Phoenix Suns executive and current Golden State Warriors president Rick Welts told Bloomberg recently that Nike is ready to "just do it" with the first athlete to come out.

    Lindsay Kagawa Colas, who represents Griner, confirmed to USA TODAY that Griner signed a deal with Nike on Saturday.

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    "It's big-time, let's just say that," Griner said of the deal.

    Shewired pointed out that there are already a few out lesbian players in the WNBA, but Griner's signing with Nike shows that the league is working to innovate a new image that can compete with NBA.

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    Nike, you picked a great lady.