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    New Study Claims Lesbians Have Orgasms More Often Than Straight Women, Men, Everyone


    A new, very sexy study, undertaken at Indiana, Emory, and Rutgers universities, aims to answer the question: Who among us is having the best orgasms?

    The study was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine on Monday.

    The goal: "To assess orgasm occurrence during sexual activity across sexual orientation categories."


    In a questionnaire, participants reported their gender, self-identified sexual orientation, and "percentage of the time they experience orgasm when having sex with a familiar partner."

    The possible orientation categories listed included heterosexual, gay/lesbian, and bisexual — queer and asexual identities were not listed. The possible gender categories only included "male" and "female." The study surveyed 1,350 self-identified single females and 1,497 self-identified single males. All the participants also had sexual experiences that occurred in the last 12 months.

    Bad news for ladies? The results showed men having a higher occurrence of reaching the finish line.

    Results listed: 85.1% among single men, 62.9% among single women.

    The men's results also didn't significantly vary across sexual orientations.

    For women, the rate of orgasm varied significantly by sexual orientation.

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    Results listed: heterosexual women 61.6%, lesbian women 74.7%, and bisexual women 58.0%.

    And lesbians — pardon the pun — came out on top, with a higher probability of orgasm than both straight women and bisexual women.

    "One possible explanation is that [...] lesbian women are more comfortable and familiar with the female body and thus, on average, are better able to induce orgasm in their female partners," the study stated.

    In other words: