Model Kevin Carnell’s Instagram Account Is A Gift To You And The World

No one man should have all those abs.

1. Meet Kevin Carnell, a male model that was put on this planet probably to give us all a lifetime of life.

2. His Instagram account is on point with mostly photos of him shirtless, because – you know – male model and such.

3. As you do.

4. One could even argue that Kevin is unreasonably attractive.

5. As evidenced by Exhibit A, B, and C:

6. But, don’t be fooled by this ridiculously pretty face. There’s a lot more to Kevin than meets the eye. *takes long look*

7. Kevin just moved to New York City.

8. He seems to be settling into the new backdrop quite effortlessly.

9. His thigh tat? A line from the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sample on ***Flawless.

“You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful otherwise you will threaten the man.”

10. When asked why he doesn’t post full frontals he answered: “Beyoncé wouldn’t approve.”

11. And we approve of that.

12. His Instagram posts can be thoughtful, deep, and provocative:

13. “Underneath that pretty face is something complicated. I come with a side of trouble, but I know that’s why you’re staying.”

14. You could say he is a soft soul.

15. I mean, he loves dogs.

16. Cuddling pups is pretty much his favorite pastime.

17. Ah yes, just a man of simple pleasures.


18. A little Sunday morning sunshine, a newspaper – what else do you need?

19. Sometimes he uses #iownclothes on his Instagram just to remind you that indeed, he actually does wear clothing.


20. But, tbh this man was probably born in a bathing suit.

21. Look at him, in his natural habitat: Relaxed, stoic, the master of his domain.

22. *deep breath*

23. What a time to be alive.

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