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    Model Kevin Carnell's Instagram Account Is A Gift To You And The World

    No one man should have all those abs.

    Meet Kevin Carnell, a male model that was put on this planet probably to give us all a lifetime of life.

    His Instagram account is on point with mostly photos of him shirtless, because – you know – male model and such.

    As you do.

    One could even argue that Kevin is unreasonably attractive.

    As evidenced by Exhibit A, B, and C:

    But, don't be fooled by this ridiculously pretty face. There's a lot more to Kevin than meets the eye. *takes long look*

    Kevin just moved to New York City.

    He seems to be settling into the new backdrop quite effortlessly.

    His thigh tat? A line from the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sample on ***Flawless.

    When asked why he doesn't post full frontals he answered: "Beyoncé wouldn't approve."

    And we approve of that.

    His Instagram posts can be thoughtful, deep, and provocative:

    "Underneath that pretty face is something complicated. I come with a side of trouble, but I know that's why you're staying."

    You could say he is a soft soul.

    I mean, he loves dogs.

    Cuddling pups is pretty much his favorite pastime.

    Ah yes, just a man of simple pleasures.

    A little Sunday morning sunshine, a newspaper – what else do you need?

    Sometimes he uses #iownclothes on his Instagram just to remind you that indeed, he actually does wear clothing.

    But, tbh this man was probably born in a bathing suit.

    Look at him, in his natural habitat: Relaxed, stoic, the master of his domain.

    *deep breath*

    What a time to be alive.