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    LGBT People Of Color Are Among The Most Disadvantaged In The U.S. Workforce

    Here are five take-aways from the Movement Advancement Project's new report.

    LGBT individuals of color are the most disadvantaged employees in the U.S. — facing both social stigma and discrimination.

    1. About one-third of individuals that identify as LGBT are people of color:

    2. The geographic distribution of LGBT workers of color mirrors that of people of color as a whole.

    3. Large numbers of LGBT workers of color are raising children, more than white LGBT workers.

    4. LGBT workers of color are at larger significant risk of poverty.

    5. LGBT youth of color are at high risk of becoming homeless.

    The study breaks down the various barriers that make it harder for LGBT individuals of color to find and keep jobs:

    Tico Almeida, President of Freedom to Work, says:

    Fixing the broken bargain for LGBT workers of color will help ensure that they are treated fairly no matter where they work, that they receive the same compensation for the same work, and that they can access important benefits available to other workers to protect their health and livelihood.

    View the full report here.