Transgender Women Get Real About Tucking

    "What's between my legs does not define my womanhood."

    Tucking is a common practice in the trans community, but there isn't a ton of information out there about how to do it safely — or even what it is.

    Many trans and gender-nonconforming people choose to tuck for different reasons. Tucking can be a personal measure, helping ease dysphoria and allowing someone to feel comfortable and confident in their body.

    It can also be a necessity when it comes to navigating safely in public.

    At the end of the day, it's a very personal decision.

    But if you're going to tuck, there's no reason you shouldn't be tucking safely!

    The two most common types of tucking methods are using tape or a gaffe.

    You can get all the details on these two methods right here.

    No matter what method you use, or whether you decide to tuck or not, everyone deserves to feel confident and completely fabulous in their own skin.

    If you want more information about tucking, we've got you covered.