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Who Is Your Favorite Queer Non-Canon Couple To Ship?

Let all the ships sail!

Bring it in, we need to talk about non-canon ships.

Admit it — we all love to read in-between the lines of a show or movie, see the subtle clues, reach for the stars, and ship the totally-not-happening ships!

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And yes, this means you probably love to suffer a little.

*Suffer a lot*

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But, for so many LGBT fans, good representation — or representation at all — is still hard to find.


Sometimes you have really no choice but to ship the non-canon ship of your dreams.

And maybe people don't always agree. Maybe they even tell you right to your face you shouldn't be shipping those characters together...

... but you know that's an impossibility.

So we want to know... who is your all-time favorite *ahem* non-canon LGBT ship from a television show or movie?

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Let us know in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed LGBT post celebrating the glory that is non-canon ships.

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Feel free to let us know not only why you love the pairing, but what makes them the absolute best of the best. Has anyone ever made you feel silly for shipping them? If yes, how do you get past ~ the haters ~ ? Why are non-canon ships important to so many people?

Don't worry, we can all suffer together.

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