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Laverne Cox Dreams Of A World Where Trans People Aren't Killed For Being Themselves

"I've never felt safe walking down the street — never," the actor says in an exclusive outtake clip from HBO's upcoming film The Trans List.

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In an emotional exclusive outtake clip from HBO's upcoming documentary film The Trans List, premiering Dec. 5, Laverne Cox opens up about her experiences navigating the world as a transgender woman of color.

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"I'm really at a point where I'm tired of talking about another transgender person being murdered," Cox begins in the clip. "It's the clearest example of how trans lives are treated as if they don't matter."


Cox hopes that someday violence against trans women won't have to be discussed — because it simply won't exist.

Courtesy of HBO

With Trans Day of Remembrance falling on Nov. 20, honoring the memory of trans lives lost to anti-trans violence, Cox's message is needed now more than ever.

The Trans List features a series of intimate interviews from 11 people within the trans community — all conducted by activist and author Janet Mock.

Courtesy of HBO

Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, the film follows other “list” HBO documentaries, such as The Out List.

"As Trans Day of Remembrance approaches, I hope this film helps honor and celebrate the community," Greenfield-Sanders told BuzzFeed News. "As well as highlight the injustices and challenges ahead, where understanding each other is the first step to overcoming these battles."

The Trans List premieres on HBO Dec. 5.

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