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Just A Friendly Reminder That Erika Linder Exists On This Planet

Take a moment to really appreciate this glorious fact.

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Hi, there. Just a quick reminder that Swedish model/goddess Erika Linder actually exists on this Earth.

Contrary to all reason, she is not a figment of our imaginations.

It's important to remember that somewhere out there, her blue eyes are peeking out behind a shock of blonde hair.

When you wake up every morning, know in your bones that she is also waking up – probably looking better than all of us.

And while you pour your breakfast cereal or scramble some eggs, she is probably gracing a majestic landscape with the landscape of her face.

Know in your soul that while you trudge through your workday, Erika Linder is out there dumping ice water over her head for a good cause.

Or, possibly bathing a small puppy.

Remind yourself that Jack Dawson's doppelganger is alive and well.

Alive and well.

Ponder the fact that we live on the same planet as someone so completely charming...

... yet devastatingly handsome.

Frankly, it's a wonder we can all function and complete daily tasks while this face is out there.

Really take a moment and appreciate you walk on the same soil that she does.

Keep in mind you are breathing in the same blessed oxygen as she is, and somehow you keep it together.

Pass on this crucial reminder to someone you really care about.

And have a blessed day, living on the same planet as Erika Linder.

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