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    Jim Carrey's Best Facial Expressions Of The '90s

    The king of face malleability turns 51 today. And there is no Jim Carrey like classic '90s Jim Carrey.

    The exaggerated scream face.

    "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" (1994 and 1995)

    The "hide-and-seek."

    The ever popular "All-righty then."

    The sophisticated facial.

    The bird of prey.

    The slow motion football player.

    The green creeper.

    "The Mask" (1994)

    The raspberry blower.

    The googly-eyed freak out.

    The ketchup and mustard combo.

    "Dumb and Dumber" (1994)

    The always useful "I can't hear you" tactic.

    The ketchup gag.

    The "I like it a-lot".

    The sad Riddler...

    "Batman Forever" (1995)

    ...and the enthusiastic Riddler.

    The goddamn pen is blue!

    "Liar Liar" (1997)

    The hair fluff, very big back in the '90s.

    The soap in the eyes conundrum.

    The silver-tongued lawyer move.

    And the face grab.

    He perfected the karaoke face...

    The Cable Guy (1996) well as the ear whisper.

    Hilarious and always border-line creepy, thank you '90s Jim Carrey.

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