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    Jess And Jules From "Bend It Like Beckham" Belong Together

    Also, water is wet and the sky is blue.

    Bend It Like Beckham is a nearly perfect film. / Via Fox Searchlight

    Except for one glaring plot error. / Via Fox Searchlight

    These two didn't end up living happily ever after.

    It's rumoured the film's original plot had the two female leads ending up together. / Via Fox Searchlight

    But Director Gurinder Chadha rewrote the script to avoid upsetting conservative Indian audiences.

    And so at the film's conclusion, Jess ends up with Joe and the world uttered a collective: / Via Fox Searchlight

    Because to anyone with eyeballs, it's obvious she should have ended up with Jules. / Via Fox Searchlight

    Could they possibly have been more into each other?

    The tension between them is palpable throughout the film. / Via Fox Searchlight

    They can barely keep their eyes off each other... / Via Fox Searchlight

    ... not to mention their hands. / Via Fox Searchlight

    From the start, Jules is completely smitten with Jess. / Via Fox Searchlight

    That fierce look in her eyes? That's love people.

    As if the slight hand holding wasn't obvious enough.

    And just look at the way Jess gazes at Jules here: / Via Fox Searchlight

    HOW was this not a real kiss? / Via Fox Searchlight

    And this should have been a real kiss: / Via Fox Searchlight

    They way they drank beer and shopped for shoes together? Be more of a couple, please.


    It's pretty clear Joe was simply a third-wheel.

    Fox Searchlight
    Fox Searchlight

    You're embarrassing yourself, mate.

    Do you see him in the promo posters? Nope. Because the ladies were the real soulmates in this story.

    So, we can always imagine this scene is actually Jess confessing her love to Jules. / Via Fox Searchlight

    And that this scene was her coming out moment. / Via Fox Searchlight

    And that they go off to play soccer and live happily ever after. / Via Fox Searchlight

    Because Jess and Jules were meant to be together. / Via Fox Searchlight

    And anyone who doesn't agree is bloody mad.

    Let's conclude with a video of this perfect couple set to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" and dream of what could have been.

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