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25 Queer Women Remember The First Time They Kissed A Girl

"It was the longest short kiss of my life."

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"Kissing a girl for the first time is the exact moment many women confirm — or finally understand — who they are and who they are meant to be kissing," reflects Jen Sheridan, the filmmaker behind the documentary series I Kissed a Girl.


Sheridan attempts to capture this unique moment in her series, which features real women sharing their own experiences. The women in the series are all Southern, as the Tennessee filmmaker reached out to her local community on Facebook first. "We also filmed at Nashville Pride in 2014 and got some of our best interviews there, just by walking up to women and asking if they wanted to participate. Some great stories couldn't be shared on camera, unfortunately, because so many in our community aren't out publicly," she told BuzzFeed News.

"Some of these women have paid a high price for kissing a girl, acknowledging they are gay, and being out. Some have been ostracized from their families, their churches, their friends. What was clear to us as we were filming is that for every woman in our series, whatever the cost for kissing a girl — it was worth it."

Here are 25 women from the series reflecting on the very first time they ever kissed a girl.

All the episodes of I Kissed a Girl are available here.

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