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    Here’s What Trans Men Wish They’d Known Before Starting Hormone Therapy

    "It’s about what makes you happy — finding that piece of authentic happiness inside and holding onto it."

    We asked trans and gender-nonconforming members of the BuzzFeed Community what they wish they had known before beginning hormone replacement therapy, which can be a wild and confusing ride.

    Let's talk about testosterone therapy (we'll cover feminizing hormones over here). Testosterone, often referred to as simply "T", increases muscle mass, facial hair, and deepens your voice.

    1. Not everyone who goes on T has the same goal for how "masculine" they want to look.

    2. Testosterone can also affect your mood and temperament.

    3. There is no universal transition timeline. Your body may not change as quickly as someone else's, so try not to get discouraged by constant comparison.

    4. Voice changes can be a painful up and down — literally.

    5. Getting that right dosage can be a bit of trial and error, so listen to your body and be patient.

    6. It's OK to be a little (or a lot) intimidated by self-injections.

    7. On T your sex drive will, well, thrive.

    8. And you'll probably want to eat all the foods.

    9. FYI: Growing facial hair is itchy AF.

    10. Your dysphoria may change as you change.

    New Line Cinema

    “I wish someone had told me that my dysphoria would shift. It would go from being brought on externally (being misgendered, people confusing my age, clothes not fitting) to internal. I now find I am the root of all my dysphoria."

    — Elliot Michael Snyder, Facebook

    You can read more about dealing with gender dysphoria here.

    11. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Ask your doctor if you notice anything unusual, they'll know what's cause for concern and what's not.

    12. Hormone replacement therapy isn't a "cure all or fix all" treatment.

    13. Sometimes talking it out with a therapist is the best medicine.

    14. And, always and most importantly, try to love yourself just as you are.

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