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    Guerilla Campaign Against Gay Conversion Launched In Orthodox Jewish Community

    Hod, an organization devoted to supporting the gay community in the Orthodox Jewish community, has been conducting a guerrilla campaign in Tel Aviv’s most religious areas.

    It isn't easy being gay in the Orthodox Jewish community, and it's extremely hard in the Tel-Aviv area. Hod is an organization that supports religious homosexuals and is working to make their lives easier. According to Hod's campaign, Haredi homosexuals are forced to undergo conversion therapy by their community rabbis. For the past few months the group has been placing signs on everyday objects with messages that mock conversion therapy:

    The Hod website states, "We believe that a considerable part of the hatred directed towards homosexuals is a consequence of ignorance, lack of awareness and the absence of accessible information for religious people about homosexuality and its extent."

    While most mainstream Orthodox Jewish communities have rejected conversion therapy, some practices are still conducted in the country’s Haredi communities.

    The video closes with the lines, "We shall not rest and will not despair until everyone accepts us as we are."

    Watch Campaign Video:

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