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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    Gay Filmmakers Help Group Of Boy Scouts Earn Their Cinema Badge

    Filmmaker Todd Bieber invited several out filmmakers to help teach some Boy Scouts about making movies. "I’m a filmmaker and an Eagle Scout. This is my message to the Boy Scouts in regards to the ban on homosexual members."

    Meet Todd Bieber, a filmmaker in New York City and a devoted Eagle Scout and Boy Scout in his childhood.

    To this day, earning the highest rank of Eagle Scout is one of his proudest achievements.

    While serving as merit badge counselor, he invited several gay filmmakers to help teach some Boy Scouts about making movies.!

    He released a short film on the experience, hoping to raise awareness on the BSA's ban on gay members.

    Bieber speaks in out in the video, "I always assumed that part in the scout oath about being "morally straight" had to do with moral character, not sexual genetics."

    The Boy Scouts wrote, directed, and starred in their own video.

    One of the boys said it was the, "most fun he had ever had in the scouts."

    Watch the short film:

    View this video on YouTube

    And the movie the Boy Scouts created:

    View this video on YouTube