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    People Share Their Favorite Things About Having Two Moms

    Double the mommas, double the love.

    Mother's Day is a time to show appreciation for that very special woman in your life — or, in some cases, both the special women in your life.

    The struggle of having two moms 😂

    We connected with COLAGE (an organization for people with one or more LGBT parent/caregiver) to ask those blessed with double the moms to share why they're thankful for their unique family. Here's what they told us:

    1. "My moms really exposed me to having a sense of adventure and being open to travel and learn about new cultures and people."

    "I just want to tell them both that I love them so much and thank you for teaching me at such a young age that true love has no barriers, has no conditions, and what a boring world this would be if we weren't open to learning from each other's differences."

    2. "The best part of having two moms, is having two parents — their gender does not change how much they love me."

    "Thank you for continuing to motivate me and excite me about my own future. I would not have so many amazing opportunities in front of my without you, and for that I am so deeply thankful."

    3. "The best part about having two moms is having two loving, strong, and resilient women to look up to."

    "This Mother's day I would like to tell my moms that I will always love them and I will always be there for them, like they have always been there for me — even when I was a hard-headed teen."

    4. "My dad came out as transgender about a year ago and things changed in our family — I believe for the better."

    "My biological mom, Kathleen, is my best friend. We have always been very close and I share everything with her. We take vacations just the two of us and spend a lot of time talking.

    My Stepmom Sally and I haven't always had the easiest relationship I was very young when she married my Dad and I of course went through a bit if a rebellious teen phase and we weren't always as close. That only strengthened our relationship to what it is today. She is my mom, my friend, and provides a completely different perspective and advice than my mom. I am so thankful to have her in my life and most thankful my dad has her in her life.

    My dad (who I still call 'dad' in private — we're a work in progress), who is now, or maybe has always really been a woman, is a special relationship. I grew up with her as my goofy dad who taught me about music and life and acceptance. She is now for all intents and purposes my mom. One of them! We are currently trying to figure out a name that fits her and is still a term we can use, other than her name, that's parental. We've looked things up and have found some cute ones like 'Mad' (mom and dad mixed) or 'Moppa' (momma and poppa mixed), but none feel exactly right for us. Everyone is constantly changing and evolving as is our family."

    "As we were just in the beginning stages of my dad transitioning, last Mother's Day she chose to celebrate Father's Day. This Mother's Day will be my first to celebrate with all three of my Moms!"

    5. "The best part about having two moms is that I never seem to run out of feminine hygiene products because in my house the cabinet in the bathroom for tampons is always fully stocked!"

    "If I had the chance to tell my moms something this Mother’s Day, it would be this: Cheers for all the good times and the bad! Thank you for sticking by me at my worst."

    6. "Sometimes I wish my parents were both just stereotypical lesbians who would be cool if I let them watch sports and talk about the new way to style their short hair."

    "Still, my family figures it out every Mother's Day and we always end up celebrating the love that we have for our moms — and the love they have for each other."