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    Emily Deschanel Portrays Women’s Golfing Legend Babe Didrikson In This Badass Clip For "Drunk History"

    In a clip from Comedy Central, Deschanel helps tell the story of legendary American athlete Babe Didrikson.

    Babe Didrikson has been described as "the most talented athlete, male or female, ever developed in our country," yet many people have never heard of her.

    By: Hulton Archive / Via Getty

    Don't worry! Emily Deschanel and Comedy Central's Drunk History is about to give you a quick rundown.


    The short is narrated by the very drunk Karey Dornetto who writes for Portlandia and South Park among other shows.

    Dornetto explains that Babe was an extremely talented golfer, but at the time there were no opportunities for women in the sport.

    Babe competed in the 1939 Men's PGA Open, like a badass.

    By: Hulton Archive

    Some people were ~ pissed ~ about it.

    "Babe doesn't give a [bleep]."

    She quickly became the first famous female golfer, beloved by the public and fellow players.

    Although she was married at the time, Babe started a closeted relationship with fellow golfer Betty Dodd.


    Dodd pushes her to start a women's professional league.

    Of course, Babe totally does it.

    Babe went on to dominate the LPGA, setting many records and winning tournaments. Even more badass? Before she turned her attention to golf, she won three medals for track and field from the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

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    And before her track and field fame? She dominated her High School basketball team and reached All-American stsatus. Needless to say, Babe was a force to be reckoned with.

    Go on, get your drunk lady history on: