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    Drag Queen Stands Up To Anti-LGBT Protesters Disrupting Seattle Pride

    "Not today, satan! Not today."

    During this year's annual Gay Pride parade in Seattle, a group of anti-gay protesters disrupted the the day's festivities.

    One drag queen – who goes by the name of “Mama Tits” – found herself standing "tits to nose" with one of the protesters.

    I saw them coming up the road pre-Parade and looked at Sylvia and DonnaTella and said, 'Ladies, let's make a wall!' Before I knew it, I was standing tits to nose with the leader guy on the megaphone. It felt like I had the strength of all the people who had ever been hurt by these people standing right behind be me giving me power! I was almost in auto-pilot mode from my days as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. I planted myself in his path and wouldn't move. When he walked around me, I got back in front of him again and again.I stared him in the eyes and could see the pain in his eyes, I could see he was scared and he should have been.

    That's when she decided to give the group a piece of her own mind.

    In an amazing off-the-cuff speech, Mama Tits went in on the group.

    Without skipping a beat, she tears the protesters down – one Bible school lesson at a time.

    All the while, she continues to walk slowly towards the group of protesters with all the stealth and grace of a queen.

    She brings her sermon to a close, having blessed all those around her.

    *mic drop*

    Just when you think it's all over, she drops one last footnote straight from the holy book of Bianca Del Rio:

    Mama Tits later reported that the group was escorted off the parade route following the incident:

    Shortly after I heard him quoting Leviticus, I just spouted back all the other parts he was leaving out to show how much of a hypocrite he was. It is always interesting how religious whack jobs misinterpret EVERYTHING in the Bible and bend it to their will to create HATE, when all they are doing is showing their ignorance. I yelled, 'You have NO POWER here, be gone before someone drops a house on YOU!' Once they were escorted off the parade route, I noticed how much it had affected me. I was trembling and on the verge of tears, because when people blindly hate and preach it in public like these people do, they have no regard for the people lives they are effecting.

    People take their lives because of HATE like this, people get KILLED because of HATE like this. I just want it all to stop! If the HATE mongers would put down their signs and open their minds and REPENT for their judgments, maybe then they too could find joy and happiness and be part of the fun, instead of being part of the Hell.


    Watch the full epic take-down right here:

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