British Skydiver Will Complete His 100th Jump Stark Naked For A Good Cause

If Dan Cope can raise £500 for charity, he will film his jump wearing only a harness.

1. British skydiver Dan Cope jumps out of planes for fun, so right away you know he isn’t a timid guy.

Cope took up skydiving in 2012 and has been doing between three and six jumps a week.

2. Having just completed his 80th jump, he has announced big plans for his 100th dive.

3. He will jump completely naked to raise money for the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice in Staffordshire.

4. But, there are some terms:

5. Dan will jump in his boxers. But, if he raises £500 or more the jump will be done in the nude.


6. Completely naked. From 10,000ft. Filmed.

7. Imagine this strapping lad plummeting towards the earth with nothing on but his harness.


8. And, eh, remember that it’s for a very wonderful cause.

9. For those of you not familiar with weather conditions at skydiving heights; it’s quite cold.

10. Dan is taking the obvious jokes in stride:

11. He posted on his Facebook:

There could be temperatures of -30°C up there, so I might not be…looking my best, if you know what I mean! But it’s worth it for a brilliant charity. So if you want me to bare all across the skies, or just fancy laughing at me and my full-body goosebumps, please give generously!

12. IMPORTANT: If he raises £1000, the video of the skydive will be uploaded online.

13. Donations have already surpassed his original goal, so the jump will indeed be done in his birthday suit.

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