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    Bride Abandons Ceremonial Bouquet Toss For Her Lesbian Sister

    Most brides can't wait to toss the flower bouquet, but Natasha Frost decided to make a statement instead. Happy feelings all around!

    When it came time for the Natasha Frost to toss the bouquet at her wedding earlier this month, she decided to do things a little differently.

    She passed the bouquet to her sister, Nitara Frost, and her partner of seven years.

    Nitara and her partner exchanged vows seven years ago, but cannot be legally married in their state of Minnesota. Natasha hopes that the law is passed later this year so they can celebrate her sister's wedding in the same way she celebrated her own. She urged everyone to contact their lawmakers and let them know that "this is really important for families in Minnesota."

    See it for yourself:

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