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    Artist Takes Grindr Profiles And Turns Them Into Watercolor Illustrations

    Grindr may not always be the most beautiful place, but Adam Seymour turns even the worst profiles into masterpieces.

    Australian artist Adam Seymour, who describes himself as a “Homo Rural Ranga," creates watercolor depictions of real profiles from the Grindr hook-up app.

    "I began the project as I had become intrigued by the idea of our private worlds being made public through social media," Seymour told BuzzFeed.

    "We reveal our most wild, deviant, sexual, fantastical selves to the digital universe, for anyone to see, and yet, for some reason, maintain this subconscious expectation that only our desired audience will see it."

    Seymour finds profiles to illustrate by searching humorous tags. His friends have even sent him screenshots of particularly interesting profiles.

    Semour told BuzzFeed he finds it bizarre that people tend to list things they aren't looking for ("no hairy, no Asians, etc").

    "I think we should focus on the things we like in each other and the positive attributes of what we are actually looking for," the artist explained.

    And does Seymour use Grindr? Absolutely!

    "I do. I find it really useful whilst travelling to meet locals and get tips. I've even been upgraded in hotel rooms, flights etc from befriending local homos in the know."

    Due to high interest in the project, Seymour plans to create a book from his artwork in the near future.

    Find more of his work here.