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    Angel Haze Live-Tweets A Homophobic Incident On Her Virgin Atlantic Flight

    The rapper claims to have witnessed a flight attendant intentionally calling a lesbian passenger "sir" during the boarding process.

    Rapper Angel Haze live-tweeted a scene she witnessed on her Virgin Atlantic flight this morning.

    During the boarding process, Haze began tweeting about an interaction between a passenger and a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant.

    Wow. Literally just witnessed the most disgustingly ignorant shit happen on my @VirginAtlantic flight. Your employees are disgusting.

    Allegedly, Haze witnessed a female flight attendant refer to a female passenger as “sir" on purpose.

    A girl (with a haircut who was both clearly a girl and a lesbian) comes onto the flight and the flight attendant says "good morning sir,"

    Haze claims that she saw the passenger board with her girlfriend.

    "55c is where you'll be seated" the girl continues on and a male flight attendant laughs and goes "that was a girl" to which the other one

    Replies "I already knew that." Wow. Bitch. No. Like she is getting all types of evil stares from me. Fucking pig in a blanket lookin ass.

    Haze did not reveal the identity of the flight attendants or the passenger involved in the incident.

    The airline quickly responded via their official Twitter account asking for the full story.

    @AngelHaze Oh dear, that's not what we like to hear. Please can you let us know details ^G

    I'm just literally sat here like.......

    Haze is openly pansexual and has been vocal on the topic of her sexuality in the past.

    The way people are so capable of making excuses for ignorance or abuse that doesn't at all pertain to them doesn't amuse me. So stop.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Haze for comment on the incident.