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13 Shots You Have To Be Crazy To Take

Flames, scorpions, and other unorthodox ingredients make these shots for daredevils only. Kids, don't try this at home.

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2. The Flaming Lamborghini

This tower of terror, also known as "The Waterfall", is composed of four different components. It contains one shot kahlua, one shot Bailey's Irish Cream, one shot Blue Curacao, and lastly a shot of Sambuca.


5. The Eggermeister Shot

What could makes Jägermeister easier to shoot down? A pickled egg. Cut the top off a pickled egg and take out the inside yolk. Pour half a shot of Jager in a shot glass, place the egg inside, and then fill the egg with more Jager.

7. Pop Rocks Flaming Shot

Made with Pop Rocks candy, simple syrup, pomegranate juice, and gin. You can also put the drink under UV light for a glowing effect; tonic water glows crystal blue and Rockstar glows green. See how to make it here.


9. The Tapeworm Shot

Appropriately named for the effect created when you add a bit of mayonnaise to vodka. Simply add in the liquids, sprinkle with pepper, then top the shot glass with a thin layer of mayonaise. Really...don't try this one.

10. Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

The tamest of flaming shots, but with the added bonus of chugging a glass of beer. All you need is a half shot of amaretto liqueur, added to a shot of 151 proof rum, plus a glass of light beer to drop it into!


11. The Backdraft Shot

This shot that has an impressive preparation and presentation. Named after the phenomenon which occurs in some fire situations, this drink produces a similar condition on purpose using flammable alcoholic drinks and an enclosing container, such as an upside down pint glass.