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    A Love Story, Seven Decades In The Making

    William Campbell and John Hilton were never able to be legally married, but that didn't stop them from a dedicated life to one another for over 54 years. Freedom To Marry released their full story in a short video.

    Meet Bill and John.

    They've been a couple for 54 years.

    That's seven decades:

    They are probably the most adorable couple you have ever seen:

    In “More Than Ever", a short from Freedom to Marry, they reminisce about their 54 years together, most spent in the same Manhattan apartment.

    Shortly after they met, John received his draft notice:

    It was a scary moment for both of them:

    "Meet a guy like this, i've been dreaming about this for the last four years. And my great fear was that they would send me to Europe... which they did."

    Bill wrote him letters until he returned home.

    John then went to night school for nine years.

    When Bill began showing signs of early Parkinsons, it was John's turn to take care of him:

    In a letter for their one year anniversary Bill wrote:

    Watch the entire story here:

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