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A Breakdown Of The Sexiest Parts Of The Human Body

When you're checkin' someone out, what do you check out first?

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We asked people which body party they notice first on a super sexy individual. Let's break down the responses in a very scientific manner from head-to-toe, shall we?


"Not just the color — I love when you can look into someone's eyes and see SOMETHING (like, maybe, let's get nazzzzty). The eyes are basically like a DTF-meter."

"Really intelligent eyes a la Gina Torres."


"Eyes are the windows to the soul? Fine, but eyebrows are pretty much the bridge to that window. So really, they are even more important. Respect the power of brows."

"Eyebrows are actually a full form of communication and their sexiness value CAN not and SHOULD not be underappreciated. Ever."


"Crooked smiles like Chris Messina and Natalie Dormer, though."

"The smile is the first thing I look at, because a man with straight pearly whites just makes my day."


"Dimples are what eyebrows are to the smile – they just take that whole area of the face up a notch. I just melt! Please, let me just curl up and live inside that dimple."

"It's the weirdest thing to find attractive if you really think about it... but if you can cut glass with your chin you can probably have my heart. Everyone knows the word 'chiseled' shouldn't be wasted on abs."


"Beards catch my eye first. You can tell a lot about a person from their beard, like if they're neat or attentive to detail. Also, scientifically it makes you hotter."

"I might be the only one but the back of a guy's neck. It should be smooth and clean."

"Shoulders! It may speak to the fact that I love hugs and generally being enveloped in somebody's arms, but some nice sexy shoulders (deltoids in particular) are just sooooo nice."

"The forearm is a very specific part of the human body, and it can do wonders. As soon as I see a toned forearm –hopefully adorned with a tattoo – i'm just completely done. Feel free to just carry me out on a stretcher. Drummer Kim Schifino and Ruby Rose are both great representatives for team forearm."

"Arms, as I recently fell in love with Chris Martin via his biceps at a Coldplay concert. Sexy arms just make me want to be held. "

"On dudes, when they're like, thick? There's no better way to say it, but mmm. Yes.

And then on women? So expressive, so strong, so capable? Come on. Sexiest body part (I'm sorry) hands down."

"It's not the first thing I notice but a when a man has nice, masculine hands – taken care of but not like moisturized or manicured – swoon."

"Large hands speak to a certain dexterity and strength that is extremely attractive."

"Smalls of backs are soooo sexy, on men and women, because you kind of don't KNOW exactly why they're so alluring. They're intimate and out of the way and almost like a hint of something. Also you can look at them without someone noticing which is both creepy and exactly how I flirt, so."

"I'm going to sound like such a freak, but the small of a guys back makes me melt."

"I look at a man's thighs. It's weird, but big, thick wrestler thighs, are sexy! Like The Rock."

Let's be honest, we all know where this is going...


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