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9 Things You Should Know About Oscar Wilde's Niece

Dorothy Wilde was often described as a gutsy femme fatale. She led a life with enough adventure to pack one of her uncle's novels.

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People often commented on how strikingly similar the two were, as Joan Schenkar wrote in her book Truly Wilde:

Everyone who met Dolly Wilde remarked on the disturbing ways in which she was like her famous uncle. Some people felt that in Dolly's enormous blue-grey eyes and virtuosic wit — so strangely like her uncle's — they were seeing another 'Oscar,' born again in female form and playing to a smaller audience.

She wrote to her long-time girlfriend, Natalie Barney:

I am a darting trout; shifting, glancing & flashing my iridescent tail in a hundred pleasant pools! ...

How long I shall keep in the path of virtue I can't say but virtue with an object is so much more salutary than virtue with its own reward!


5. During that time, she had an affair with the Standard Oil heiress, Marion "Joe" Carstairs:

After the war, Carstairs become a renowned speedboat racer and people called her “the fastest woman on water."

7. Her longest relationship, which lasted from 1927 until her death, was with openly lesbian American writer Natalie Clifford Barney:

Natalie Barney was notorious for her Paris salon, and became known for her many romantic affairs. She once wrote out a list, divided into three categories: liaisons, demi-liaisons, and adventures.

She was a woman of mystery and wit, remembered long after her death. As Janet Flanner wrote:

[Dolly] was so interesting to cull over and think about ... because one wanted to locate in immediate recollection the particular version of her or vision of her which had been visible on that special day, and she had as many versions of herself, all as slightly different, as could have been seen in views of her supplied by a room lined with mirrors.


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