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9 Things You Need To Know About The Dating App Created Exclusively For Queer Women

Dattch, created in the UK, has finally landed in the States. It's a brand new day, ladies.

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1. A new (and totally free) dating app, Dattch, boasts that it's the first dating app "built by lesbians, for lesbians."


The app's main web page states, "Women aren’t the same as men. We look at things differently and we talk about different things. Problem is, no one seems to have acknowledged this before. We did."

2. There are several different ways to actually use the app.

In addition to generally browsing profiles, you can play "Would You Rather" and check out the Dattch blog which is updated with articles regularly. The "Would You Rather" game is reminiscent of Tindr, as you choose between two women and "swipe up" to make your choice. You are matched with ladies that also "swiped" you.

If users are in a relationship, they can switch to "girlfriend mode" and continue using the app to build new friendships.

3. Although it's marketed as an app for lesbians, it won't limit users to any one label.

When setting up your profile you can choose from several options, or just leave that slot blank completely. There is no option for "transgender" at this time.

4. Unlike other apps, Dattch is not location based.

"Girls will never go on a date within four hours -- they are looking for the next weekend or a bit after. Knowing someone's immediately there is interesting but a bit creepy," says Dattch CEO Robyn Exton.

5. Users sign up through their personal Facebook profile, ensuring that men won't sign up and pose as women. (Yes, that happens).

The app aims to create "a safe environment without male and fake accounts."

7. Created in the UK and already available in San Francisco, the app launched in LA this week.


"We're so excited to finally launch the app in LA. As soon as we went live in San Francisco we had thousands of requests coming in just from the Los Angeles area so it felt completely right to be our second city," CEO Robyn Exton told BuzzFeed.

8. It's coming to a city near you, if you want it to.

Facebook: dattchdating

Dattch will continue to launch on a city-by-city basis, based on demand. Users can request for their city to be next by voting in the app.

9. Founder Robyn Exton hopes to launch the app in "more and more places as fast as we can."


"Next up will be Orlando at the Girls In Wonderland festival and New York at the "Lesbians Who Tech" Summit. Portland is also coming soon - it's definitely one of the most vocal communities so we can't wait to get it running there as soon as possible. We really do follow where the requests are coming in the app to dictate where we launch next so if people want it in their area, they have to request it in the app and we'll go there," Exton told BuzzFeed.

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