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    6 Lesbian Web Series You Should Probably Be Watching

    Because we all need something to watch tonight – this list wasn't enough.

    1. Between Women

    Facebook: BetweenWomenTV

    This series is coming into its second season, but there is still plenty of time to jump on the bandwagon. You get to follow six friends (they call themselves the 6-pack) through their daily lives in Atlanta. By "daily lives" I mean heart-break, love, and several complete dating disasters. As the show's tagline says, "Go there if you dare..."

    Watch all the episodes right here.

    2. Easy Abby

    Is romance hard for you? Do you get anxious, make the wrong assumptions, and generally screw up dating? Great, you'll get along with Abby just fine. The series focuses on both "the awkward" and "the sexy" – obviously the two most important parts of life. If Liz Lemon were a lesbian living in Chicago, this would be the show about her life. The series has several awards under its belt and you can watch all of season 1 online for free.

    So if you're looking for love, go check it out.

    3. Out With Dad

    With most web series focusing on twentysomething's looking for love, Out With Dad takes on a completely different perspective, instead focusing on a single dad and his newly out teenage daughter. As if high school wasn't complicated enough. The award-winning series, based in Toronto, is headed towards its third season.

    You can find all three seasons online right here.

    4. Kiss Her I'm Famous

    Sometimes, your straight best friend moves in with you. Sometimes, you're both having a tough time in your personal lives. And, sometimes, you hatch a plan to fix it all that involves making a sex tape. You might recognize Tracy Ryerson from The Real L-Word, but llea Matthews is the newcomer that's going to have you laughing so hard you nearly vomit. You can watch season one right now, just in time to get excited for season 2.

    Two best friends, making a fake sex tape, what could go wrong?

    5. Dyke Central

    Facebook: DykeCentral

    The various storylines in this series are almost as diverse as the cast. The Oakland-based "dramedy" is still in its early days, with only one episode available online, but that's no reason to miss out. The pilot is twenty-minutes long, plenty of time to follow best friends Alex and Gin scramble to find a new roommate before Alex's girlfriend moves in with them – which Alex does not want. Dramaaaa!

    Watch the pilot right now:

    View this video on YouTube

    6. Be Here Nowish

    From the brilliant minds of Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo, this series follows two New York City ladies who ditch their routine and head to LA in search of a "spiritual awakening" – wouldn't we all like to do that? The creators say they made the show to reflect a world in which "people choose their personal pronouns, girls look like boys, boys look like girls, sexuality is fluid, sex is complicated, and laughter is abundant." If you're a fan of Broad City, or any other show involving two best friend's making complete and utter fools of themselves, you're in for a treat.

    What are you waiting for? Get watching.