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22 Touching Confessions And Stories From Transgender Women

The MtF Confessions Tumblr account collects experiences from the trans community.

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The MtF Confessions Tumblr account creates a space where transgender women can share their own personal stories, experiences, and journeys through transition while remaining anonymous.

The founder of the Tumblr, a 22-year-old trans woman named Kristin, decided to start the account in 2011 after she stumbled upon a similar site that featured transgender men's personal stories. The account's que is usually maxed out at 300 submissions and Kristin will publish up to 15 times a day just to keep up. Other than cleaning up grammar or spelling, the anecdotes are always published unaltered.

Kristin has received over 7,000 submissions to date. Here is a small sampling:


An earlier version of this post misspelled Kristin's name. Sorry, Kristin!

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