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    22 Times Tumblr Made You Check Your Gender Expectations At The Door

    Not today binary, not today.

    1. When rage was all we had:

    2. When this conversation was brought to an end:

    3. When our own planet was unnecessarily gendered:

    4. When Miles delivered this important public service announcement:

    5. And someone created this perfect collage response:

    6. When twerking was brought into the discussion:

    7. When Lego totally nailed it:

    8. When it was revealed who really belongs in the kitchen:

    9. When gender fluidity was summed up in the perfect gif:

    10. When this conversation happened:

    11. And Spongebob once again illustrated all our frustrations:

    12. When someone pointed out this genius list of male requirements:

    13. When the "dadliest" of all dad jokes was told:

    14. When someone pointed out exactly what a bathroom was for:

    15. When a mother wrote this letter to her daughter:

    16. When the "no homo" of packaging was discovered:

    17. And this exchange took place:

    18. When the term "emasculation" was totally emasculated:

    19. When this ridiculous display was confronted:

    20. When someone FINALLY recognized that stick in the middle:

    21. When all the ideas were destroyed!

    22. But mostly, when someone cross-stitched this into existence: