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    22 Times Lesbians Totally Had The Last Laugh

    When we were at your mom's house, probably. HA.

    1. When this triumphant yearbook entry was published:

    2. When the legendary lesbians of 1995 left their mark:

    3. When these two cards found each other:

    4. When someone decided to spread the good word:

    5. When karma finally came around:

    6. When someone made this ironic mistake:

    7. When Mae Martin made this quick comparison:

    8. And this button of truth was printed:

    9. When someone made this text tweak:

    10. And this sarcastic response was sent:

    11. This grandmotherly moment:

    12. When this ice cream company nailed it:

    13. And the this billboard was actually approved by someone:

    14. When Ellen was upfront and honest about this child's stunning work of art:

    15. When flannel was defended:

    16. And the true power of plaid was revealed:

    17. When this amazing response was sent out:

    18. And this pick-up line was slipped into conversation:

    19. When this beautiful teaching moment took place:

    Class dismissed.

    20. When this superb act of customer service was imagined:

    21. When someone wrote out this COMPLETELY ACCURATE definition:

    22. Which, naturally, supports this statistical fact: