21 Of The Realest Lesbian Problems

    You've got 99 problems, but an unplanned pregnancy certainly isn't one.

    1. Suffering through a bad movie in order to watch that three-minute (even just slightly) gay scene.

    2. Suffering any sort of arm injury:

    3. Having "that talk" with a member of your family:

    4. Navigating the minefields of online dating:

    Seriously, it's a war zone out there.

    5. Awkward wardrobe moments:

    Sometimes I go to work wearing the same as the boy next to me. #lesbianproblems

    6. Trying to "keep it fresh" in the bedroom, while also not getting overly ambitious.

    7. Answering most questions about your sex life:

    #LesbianProblems getting asked how do lesbians have sex.. I be like

    8. Family gatherings:

    9. Online shopping and its unforeseen challenges.

    10. Also, shopping in the real world.

    11. Flirting, in general, always.

    12. Forgetting how to interact with anyone who isn't gay after Pride week.

    13. The overwhelming dedication it takes to keep up with all the lady-loving fandoms simultaneously.

    14. This harsh reality:


    15. Feeling some type of way about fitting stereotypes... or not fitting into certain stereotypes.

    16. As a couple, being confused as friends or worse – siblings.

    17. Small disasters such as:

    18. Navigating interactions with straight women:

    19. In a relationship, this dark time of the month:

    20. Periods, in general:

    21. Or is it a problem? Mic drop.