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    22 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Understand If You're A Queer Woman Who Watches TV

    *Sees a happy lesbian character on TV* You're in danger, girl.

    The death of Commander Lexa in a recent episode of The 100 sent outraged fans on the warpath.

    She stole the show when her character was alive Then her character died and took #The100 6 feet under with her

    But if you’re a lady who likes ladies and also watches television, this isn’t the first time you’ve experienced the loss of a beloved character:

    1. The whole ordeal was — how should we put this — a familiar feeling:

    2. Seriously, it's like this has happened before or something.

    3. Ah, OK. There's why you've got some déjà vu:

    4. * Flips through dictionary * Lesbian Death Trope: The phenomenon in which gay characters on television are not permitted to have happy endings. * snaps book closed *

    5. Many fans felt it wasn't the death of Lexa that was inappropriate, but the manner and timing of her death.

    6. A group of dedicated fans even raised over 45K in a campaign with The Trevor Project.

    7. Clearly this is something that can't be undone:

    8. But if one conclusion can be drawn from all this, it's that the reactions all over the internet were pure gold:

    9. Like this perfect reaction GIF:

    10. And this helpful guide:

    11. Some got crafty with their emotions:

    12. Seriously, craft stores are where it's at to vent a little:

    13. Some tried to find the humor in the darkness:

    14. While others made it clear they would take their viewing elsewhere:

    15. And Bernie knew what was up, obviously:

    vote for bernie because he knew lexa deserved better

    16. Some had to wonder if their other favorites wouldn't fall prey to the same fate:

    17. Receipts were signed:

    18. Respects were paid:

    19. Quite a few starter packs were created:

    20. Outfits were planned:

    21. And the writing was on the wall:

    22. But in these troubling times, it's important to remember — there's always fan fiction.