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    May 8, 2017

    21 Perfect Tweets That Sum Up Watching Television As A Queer Person

    Thirsty for that good representation.

    1. When LGBT representation on television is, in a word, limited:


    2. Very limited:


    3. So you take what you can get:

    4. Even when the tropes keep on coming:

    5. You can be flipped like a switch:

    6. Look, you're just in search of that sweet, sweet quality representation:

    7. And maybe for showrunners to actually ๐Ÿ‘ use ๐Ÿ‘ the ๐Ÿ‘ word ๐Ÿ‘ bisexual:


    Just saying.

    8. So yes, sometimes you pick favorites:

    9. But you are never wrong when it comes to predicting on-screen relationships:

    10. You've been burned before, but you keep coming back for more:


    11. Even as your patience for humanity fades, you persevere:

    12. At times, you've resorted to creating your own representation:

    13. I mean, is it so much to ask to see a queer storyline that's not about coming out?

    14. But time and time again, you're easily persuaded back:


    15. Because you're here to support the gay content, even if not all ships are created equal:

    16. Even at the risk of your watchlist giving you away:

    17. * Nervous gay laughter *

    18. You can't help the fact that you're thirsty for content:

    19. Especially when time after time, the hype doesn't match up to reality:

    20. And when people tell you there is enough quality queer representation already?


    21. * Deep sigh *