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    Posted on Nov 3, 2014

    21 Feelings All Bisexual People Know Only Too Well

    Newsflash: I'm not confused.

    1. The existential crisis that consumes you each time you hear that, apparently, bisexuality doesn't exist.

    Warner Bros.

    2. The carefully controlled internal rage when you overhear someone call bisexual people "greedy":

    3. The indescribable joy in being able to come out confidently (and hilariously) to your friends:

    4. The personal satisfaction that comes along with having that perfect come back to an ignorant comment:


    5. Laughing, to keep from crying, at the fact "being single" means you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

    HA HA HA I'm going to die alone.

    6. But feeling pretty great about having double the options when it comes to finding that someone special.

    7. The "I give up" thoughts you experience when people just want to know how many people you've slept with:

    8. The panic that sweeps over your entire body every time you set up an online dating profile:


    9. The internal groan you hear when you witness the bisexual identity being completely erased in the media and on television:

    Tom Daley: "I'm currently eating toast". Everyone: "Tom Daley only eats toast".

    Liat Norris@sirrontailFollow

    Tom Daley: "I'm currently eating toast". Everyone: "Tom Daley only eats toast".

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    10. The unending exasperation when someone asks you to "prove it":

    As if you've got a list of credentials on hand at all times.

    11. The dissapointment of finding out your current partner is biphobic:

    12. The deep inward cringe you feel as someone asks if you've ever had a threesome before:

    Besides if you had one, it would have had nothing to do with your bisexuality.

    13. ...or when someone asks if you've ever had a threesome and you totally have.

    14. And then there's the special rage that comes along with being prompted into an unsolicited threesome based solely on your sexuality:

    What a time to be alive!

    15. The inner implosion you feel when someone calls your sexuality "a phase":

    16. That speechlessness you experience when you're in a relationship and everyone thinks you've finally "picked a side":

    17. The frustration of trying to explain how you identify as bisexual, even if you haven't had experiences with both sexes yet:

    18. The never-ending tweaking you do to your "coming out" speech over time:

    That scarecrow, he always got it right.

    19. The unsettling discomfort that you feel when you're not readily accepted by the LGBT or straight community:

    Come on, I'M GREAT.

    20. The strange internal conflict you feel as you're watching a movie and you start crushing on both lead characters:

    We call this "happy confusion" and it's sort of alright.

    21. The smug internal laughter you hold back when someone informs you of how "confused" you are:

    Me? Confused? Nah, that's you boo.