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    17 Moments That Are Too Real For Anybody Who's Not Totally Out Of The Closet

    *Clears internet history, sets computer on fire*

    1. Always trying to be true to yourself, while not being able to do so completely:

    Managing all your social media accounts with razor-like focus and precision is your speciality — PR is your future.

    2. Decorating your room to perfection with a little bit of extra effort:

    3. Choking down a silent scream when you see your sister open Netflix and the "recently viewed" is all:

    4. And when your mom asks to borrow your laptop, you have to scramble...

    5. ...because odds are, you totally forgot to wipe your recent history.

    6. You've learned firsthand to double- and triple-check your outgoing text messages:

    7. Frankly, your grandmother has commented on so many pics of you and your S.O. on Facebook, you're beginning to think she knows.

    "Such a lovely photo! Miss you sweety." WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

    8. Every single family gathering becomes an Oscarworthy performance:


    9. It's not always easy.

    10. You're forced to sit through (survive) an entire meal just waiting for Aunt Sheryl to drop some homophobic comment:

    HBO / Via

    11. And if you accidentally let something slip, you cling to the naïve hope that any family members who happen to be out of the loop are also hard of hearing:

    Fox Searchlight

    12. If your S.O. is actually in attendance, they're introduced enthusiastically as your best friend:

    13. Meanwhile, you do your best to avoid that weird moment of eye contact with your cousin who totally knows and wants you to know they know, ya know?


    14. There is no greater terror than when a family member asks, "Hey, can I ask you a serious question?"

    Actually no, you cannot. Ever.

    15. When someone eventually turns and asks about your love life, there are so many things you'd like to say:

    Channel Four

    16. But in reality, you just try to bow out swiftly and gracefully.

    Goddammit, Aunt Sheryl, you ruin everything.

    17. The only relief? Being able to confide in those few who just get it.

    Stay strong, fam.