17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014

    "What if, instead of gender, we all had Pokemon types?"

    1. When this survey question was carefully answered:

    And when this song remix were born:

    2. When this swift exit was taken:

    3. Every single time the dashboard just knew:

    (The Tumblr dashboard always knows.)

    4. When we lost Tommy:

    5. When a pun was used to "once in a lifetime" effect:

    6. When this mournful ode was penned:

    7. When this twist occurred:

    8. When the #facts were unapologetically laid out:

    9. And the word "partner" was put into context:

    10. When religion was brought into the conversation:

    11. When someone thought the deep thoughts:

    12. And things got real:

    13. When Ellen Page came out of the closet and somone was ready:

    14. When things were taken to church:

    15. And the best part of sexy time was revealed:

    16. And this exit too:

    17. When the term "bone titties" was born:

    18. And when the record was set straight, pun intended:

    19. But perhaps most memorably, that one time Dave showed up:

    What a year, what a time to be alive.