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    Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2014

    17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014

    "What if, instead of gender, we all had Pokemon types?"

    1. When this survey question was carefully answered:

    And when this song remix were born:

    2. When this swift exit was taken:

    3. Every single time the dashboard just knew:

    (The Tumblr dashboard always knows.)

    4. When we lost Tommy:

    5. When a pun was used to "once in a lifetime" effect:

    6. When this mournful ode was penned:

    7. When this twist occurred:

    8. When the #facts were unapologetically laid out:

    9. And the word "partner" was put into context:

    10. When religion was brought into the conversation:

    11. When someone thought the deep thoughts:

    12. And things got real:

    13. When Ellen Page came out of the closet and somone was ready:

    14. When things were taken to church:

    15. And the best part of sexy time was revealed:

    16. And this exit too:

    17. When the term "bone titties" was born:

    18. And when the record was set straight, pun intended:

    19. But perhaps most memorably, that one time Dave showed up:

    What a year, what a time to be alive.