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17 Faces Anyone Who’s Had Lesbian Sex Will Understand

Be strong through that arm cramp, girl.

1. When she tells you she's never been with a woman, but she's always been "curious":

2. When things are going well but you catch sight of her long-ass fingernails:

3. When she casually mentions she doesn't really like going down on people, right after you've gone down on her:


4. When she tells you she's totally down to strap it on:

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5. When she bites your nip a pinch too hard, but you can't show your weakness:


6. When she's way too drunk to have any business going down on you, but you're too polite to interrupt:

7. When you're giving it everything you've got — but frankly it has been hours and she just won't finish:

8. When she's having multiple orgasms and you're just getting started:

Warner Bros.

9. When she slips another finger in and you can't decide if you love it or hate it:

10. When she's going to town and slips in the back door for a second — once again, you can't decide how you feel about it:

11. When she starts talking dirty so you get your game face on:


12. When the double-ended dildo keeps slipping out but you finally figure out a position that works:

13. When you feel the hand cramp starting but she's telling you not to stop:


14. When you queef and all you can do is sit back and think about all your life decisions leading up to this point:

15. When you really need to wipe your hand off but don't want to ruin her sheets:


16. When you magically finish at the same time:

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17. When she tells you that was the best she's ever had and you know that wasn't even your best work.