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    16 Things You Should Know About Rachel Maddow

    This is not an April Fools' Day joke, it's her birthday and she really turns the big 4-1 today. Perfect excuse to get some more Maddow knowledge in your life.

    1. As a freshman at Stanford she was outed by the college newspaper in a published interview... before she could tell her parents.

    Ron Hoskins / Getty Images

    "I did an interview with the student newspaper about being one of the only two gay freshmen on campus. The mistake I made was that I had not come out to my parents."- Rachel Maddow

    2. Rachel met her girlfriend, Susan Mikula, when she hired Maddow to do yard work at her home.

    Maddow was working on her doctoral dissertation at the time.

    3. Their first date was at an NRA event.

    Peter Kramer / Getty Images

    "My first date with Susan was at an NRA 'Ladies Day On The Range' event, and that is as close as I have ever gotten to the NRA" - Rachel Maddow

    4. She really wants an interview with Dick Cheney:

    This is the dedication in her book, Drift.

    5. She isn't one to shy way from corny puns.

    6. Not everyone knows what she looks like:

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    On the game show Jeopardy, the contestants were prompted with, "This cable TV newswoman received a doctorate in politics from Oxford", and none of the contestants could identify her even when a picture was displayed.

    7. She is a very knowledgeable bartender.

    Flickr: therachelmaddowshow

    “I love most rye, but if I had to pick a desert-island one, I would probably pick Michter’s. There’s a great one called ‘Pikesville’, too, but it’s really hard to find. I wouldn’t kick Sazerac 6 or Rittenhouse out of bed for eating crackers, though.” - Reddit AMA

    8. She gives sound and honest advice.

    9. She never played softball.

    Although she played three sports in high school: volleyball, basketball, and swimming.

    10. She puts her socks on before her pants.

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    In an AMA chat on Reddit she answered this, plus other pressing questions.

    11. Fishing is one of her hobbies.

    She tweets about it sometimes.

    12. She was the first openly gay American to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.

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    13. She was nominated for a Grammy award for a spoken word album of her recent book Drift.

    14. She has a cute black lab named Poppy.

    15. She doesn't consider herself an "Anchorbabe".

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    16. She is wrong.

    Happy Birthday Rachel!

    : Peter Kramer / Getty Images