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16 Jokes That Will Make Queer Women Laugh Every Time

My hair used to be must have been a phase.

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1. This literary masterpiece:

2. The struggle of this dissatisfied customer:

3. This plot twist:

4. And this punch line:

5. This actual scientific diagram:

Science + Puns = Everything

Science + Puns = Everything

6. These puns that would absolutely make Ellen chuckle:

7. Because puns are downright magical:

8. Pansexual puns are never over the top...

9. ...especially when they end with pancakes.

GET IT? OK, no more puns.

10. This brilliant series of snaps that deserves a standing ovation:

11. This little bloop:

12. And this one too:

13. This sext:

14. This spot-on reaction:

15. This response that proves sarcasm is our greatest human invention:

16. And the pickup line to end all pickup lines:

Now, let's never tell this joke ever again.

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