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    Sep 22, 2015

    16 Ways To Totally Own Bisexual Visibility Week

    Get ready for the pink, purple, and blue.

    From September 21st to the 27th it's #BiWeek, AKA possibly the best week of the entire year.

    An entire week dedicated to spreading the acceptance of bisexual people and celebrating bisexual pride? Yes, please. And Wednesday, September 23 (the best hump day of the year) is the 16th annual Bi Visibility Day.

    So what can you do to celebrate such an important week? We've got ideas...

    1. Feel 👏 your 👏 look 👏 !

    2. And get your aesthetic on lock:

    3. Say it all with a simple snap:

    4. Get in touch with your artistic side:

    5. Cook up something delicious:

    6. (and eat the crap out of it.)

    7. Write it down and post it up for all your loved ones to see:

    8. In a relationship? Congratulations, flip the switch:

    And pray at the alter of Evan Rachel Wood, probably.

    9. Let everyone know what's up without saying a thing:

    10. Give your interior decor a fresh spin:

    11. Let your nails do the talkin' for you:

    12. Make a little and lovely thing:

    13. Or show off some skin:

    14. Set out your best pins:

    15. And remember how far you've come:

    16. But really there is just one thing you have to do this week...

    ... and that's go out and be your badass bi self.